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What We Doโ€‹

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Our core knowledge is games programming followed by making interesting artwork, game design and storytelling.

Whether you are a writer, artist, project leader or just a student in need of simple bug-fixing, a new feature or a complete game, you can rest assured that you will be delivered a professional end result – with a smile ๐Ÿ™‚

We like to gain, but also spread knowledge! Eugen ล timac, the company founder, has years of experience teaching, with a certificate in a professional pedagogical program:ย  from psychology to didactics and teaching methodologies.

Every game is different, so contact us for more details on price and timing!

We offer making a complete game starting with only an idea and a description. This means that besides programming the game, we can produce all the art assets and audio, written content, plus make an interesting and balanced gameplay. The choice on which parts of the game you need is yours! We like to be organized, so this means we’ll help with making a time plan and milestones to help you keep track of progress.

Be advised that we specialize in Gamemaker software and therefore can offer only limited 3D capabilities. Also, real multiplayer games might be limited due to the engine capabilities.

Gamemaker can export to any platform (Windows, Mac, HTML, mobile, Nintendo Switch…), and we offer support for most platforms!

We also offer limited marketing for your game – if we build it, there is a chance it will be featured on this page or in our socials, but only if you want that!

More info on particular part in the following bullet points below…

Besides making complete games, we can make vertical slices of the whole game, or a prototype with reduced features. We help with picking out the options that would be best to include in the demo based on experience and best practices, to make sure the demo represents a full game in a fine way.

If you only need to code new mechanics in your already existing project, we will be glad to help. Although some programmers like to stay away from others’ work, we are not so easily scared! We’ve seen lots of bad as well as good code written by others, and have experience adapting it, modifying or just giving opinions on how to implement new functions. Sometimes, the best solution is to start from scratch, if the project hasn’t progressed so far, but as always, the choice is yours and we offer full flexibility.

Our team boasts more artists than programmers, which means: if you want original art made specifically for your game – get in touch!

In the modern world of AI, we truly believe that human originality cannot be so easily replicated, and our human ancestry of couple of hundreds of years of drawing will prove this ๐Ÿ™‚

We do collaborate with a couple of audio people as well, and we think we can help with most audio needs as well, from SFX to music.

If you need help with learning Gamemaker software – search no further. One of the biggest pleasures in our work is teaching others, and we strongly believe knowledge conquers most evils ๐Ÿ™‚ Eugen has helped kids, students and even programmers get into Gamemaker and can help whether you’re just a beginner – or you already know some topics, but want to expand your knowledge. If nothing else, we can point you in the right direction and make a learning path for you, if you like to learn by yourself.

If you’ve been stuck in one place with your code for hours or days and just can’t get the bloody thing moving forward, reach out! We’ve seen lots of stuff and solved many bugs that seemed unfixable, but maybe you can surprise us?

It would be an understatement if we said we’ve seen and played lots of games. Our founder, Eugen, has been investigating game mechanics, game design and gameplay in general since before he started school (more than 25 years ago).

If you’ve just started with your game project, or you need better mechanics or game design in your game, feel free to contact us, we will be really happy to help!

We have a writer in our ranks who dabbles in the dark art of word-crafting and does it well, having won a few awards for his stories in the past. Whether you need interesting dialogue content, a complete story for your game, or just want to fill out the game world with some lore, your worries will be gone!

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In-House Projects

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Our clients

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Work done on smaller games

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Customer experiences

“Fantastic communication and problem solving, contributing original ideas and delivering on time. Highly recommended!”
timbungeroth, USA
“Worked on several projects. Skilled, fast and prompt!”
dikudiku, Japan
“If I could give 10 stars, I would! A+++ seller. I can’t recommend more highly this talented professional programmer with a keen eye for detail who has made my game really shine. He not only delivered the work in exceptional fashion but also provided professional feedback and showed genuine interest in my project. **Will be buying again!**”
criticool, UK
“He fixed my problem – and taught me something along the way! ๐Ÿ™‚ What a guy!”
wangsoft, Australia
“Although I paid for only one hour, I’m left wanting more. It was an enjoyable and well explained hour. Eugen helped explain and showed how some of my code could be improved and went into details about the functions, which if you’re starting out and following tutorials on YouTube and whatnot, it can be difficult getting a full grasp on the details; which Eugen was very good at explaining. If you are a beginner and you have the money, I would recommend buying his services.”
bjunky, Sweden
“This was our final session for my son to progress with GM. Eugen highlighted the strengths and weaknesses for this project and set out a plan of action on how to progress. My son is very early into game development and I thought it would be good to get guidance and feedback on his work from Eugen. Great sessions and good support. Thanks for your help.”
superbd76, UK
“Beautiful work, amazing communication, and overall fantastic person to work with. Will be coming back for more”
mileselectric2, USA