Glis Glis gamedev studio


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How Glis Glis Began

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Glis Glis started its existence in the hands of Eugen Štimac, a long-time games enthusiast. Even as a kid, since first grade elementary school, he filled notebooks with drawings of games and their modifications.
After working for global companies and two near-death experiences which made him understand life is short, Eugen went on to pursue his passion – producing high quality video games. It was always his dream to use local inspiration in his work, and thus the name for the company became Glis Glis, a Latin name for the European edible dormouse. His ancestors hunted the small rodent native to the region in Croatia where he lives, and so this became an homage to protect the species in the future.
With experience in very organized corporate world, coupled with double Masters in hand (IT and Electrical Engineering), he quickly became a go-to person for making any 2D game. Although still sometimes working on an occasional electrical engineering project, he ventured on to form a young, local and talented team of artists and programmers in this rising startup.
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Our Mission

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The studio was founded with three goals in mind:
  • making quality games
  • sharing game-making knowledge
  • helping others with their game projects and ideas

We’re reaching these goals by constantly improving and having an open-hearted and professional approach to each game, however small it is. What we do, we do ’cause we love it! In order to achieve superior results, we rely on our skills and adaptability.

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Benefits Of Working With Glis Glis

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Quality and attention to details

Some call it OCD, we call it Outstanding and Careful Development 🙂 Nobody is perfect, but we really do put our work quality in the first place. Life is just too short to waste it making substandard work.

Good organizational skills

From previous experience in huge multinational corporations, we developed some side-effects like better organizational and communicational skills. If you feel disorganized or lost with your project, rest assured that we’ll make sure that the progress continues flawlessly and without unnecessary side railing or time loss. This is true regardless of the size of the projects, or if you need help with learning gamedev.

Constant improvement

We like to spread our hard-earned expertise, and this also means we always need to be ready to learn. It is our pleasure to attain new knowledge and we believe anything can be leaned! You can be sure you’ll learn some new things with us.

New ideas and vivid imagination

We’re like a glass always full – filled with new ideas and always trying to keep up with best practices in the industry. We help with brainstorming and gameplay ideas, and thus enrich the experience of working together.

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